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We need volunteers to help us to make new services available for people who live in the local area!

St Johns Centre wants to become an excellent resource for the local community. Already there are a number of registered organisations providing support in very special ways and the Centre management want to fill up the gaps in those offers - identified as a priority are over 50’s and young people.

On a Tuesday we run The Silver Lining Lunch Group - an over 50’s luncheon club. Where three very dedicated volunteers prepare meals and look after all the people who come along. There is an exercise group to get the appetite going, lunch and then an afternoon activity. We need more support. There is lots to do on this day such as practical things like washing up, preparing the hall and providing forms of entertainment. But we also need volunteers who will just take the time to sit and talk or play games with the participants, building relationships in the community and hopefully some lifelong friendships.


If you are an individual who would like to help out on Tuesdays or a business/entertainer who wants to volunteer their services , contact centre manager Deleney Brown on 07944 103494 or email

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